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Was There Rat Kiss­ing?

Sev­en-year-old girl: I’m go­ing to see a movie this week­end. Can any­one guess what I’m go­ing to see?
Sev­en-year-old boy: Rata­touille! I al­ready saw it.
Sev­en-year-old girl: Yeah, I’m go­ing to go see Rata­touille this week­end.
Sev­en-year-old boy: Yeah, I al­ready saw it. And there’s this one part — yuck — you don’t want to see it. It’s bad, you re­al­ly don’t want to see that part — it’s gross. [Whis­pers it to an­oth­er kid.]Seven-year-old girl: What? Is there kiss­ing? I can see kiss­ing… If you think I’ve nev­er seen kiss­ing be­fore, there’s kiss­ing in every oth­er movie I have ever seen in my life!

–Bleeck­er St play­ground

Dead or Alive!

Thugette: You a moth­er­fuck­er.
Dirty thug: Yeah, I’m a moth­er­fuck­er! If you’ve got a moth­er, I’ll fuck her! I’m a moth­er­fuck­er!

–1 train

Over­heard by: EthanK

That Con­ver­sa­tion Was Go­ing Nowhere

Mid­dle-aged woman: Spi­der-Man us­es his spi­der sense to smell bad guys, but he can’t use it to smell Ven­om.
Lit­tle boy: But Grand­ma, if he can’t smell Ven­om, he’s in­vis­i­ble!
Mid­dle-aged woman: No, he can still see him, but he can’t use his spi­der sense to smell him, so he’s dan­ger­ous.
Lit­tle boy: Look, a par­rot!

–Barnes & No­ble, 86th St

Pay­ing More for Less Rocks

Lit­tle boy tug­ging on mom’s arm: Mom­my, why are we here?
Mom: Be­cause every­thing’s or­gan­ic, sweet­ie.
Lit­tle boy, ex­cit­ed­ly: I love or­gan­ic!

–Trad­er Joe’s, Union Square

Over­heard by: Lacy