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Life’s Al­ways In­ter­fer­ing with My Drug Habits

Girl #1: I think I have to stop eat­ing cheese.
Girl #2: Why?
Girl #1: I get this re­al­ly aw­ful nasal drip and it makes me cough so bad that some­times I even throw up!
Girl #2: That hap­pens be­cause of cheese?
Girl #1: Well, I think it’s al­so be­cause of drink­ing and smok­ing… But I can fig­ure out oth­er ways to eat, but I don’t know how else to get fucked up!

–Stir Cafe

Over­heard by: Tom Ban­jo

Oh, Oh — Stand Back!

Young woman: I drink a tea for that.
Mid­dle-aged yen­ta: Does it make you poop? I should drink some of that.
Young woman: You could­n’t han­dle it.
Mid­dle-aged yen­ta: Is it that bad?
Young woman: No, you just don’t know when to ex­pect it. It could come at any time.

–86th & Lex

Over­heard by: Heather