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It’s Also Great for Bondage, in a Pinch

Girl #1, about raffia ribbon: But the other place is like a dollar for three yards, so even if I don’t want a hundred yards, I’d probably buy ten of those, so it would be ten dollars plus shipping, meaning I’d spend about the same but only have thirty yards instead of a hundred. So even though I don’t need that many yards, I’d rather buy the hundred-yard spool just because it’s so much better a deal. But who needs a hundred yards of raffia ribbon?!
Girl #2: Is there anything else you can do with it?
Random guy: There’s so much you can do with raffia ribbon! You can wrap presents, do scrapbooking…! There are a million things!

–Canal & Hudson

What You Never Knew about Laura Bush

Girl #1: Yeah, it went alright. Except at one point I had this minor hallucinogenic flashback, and I just started staring at the floor while she was talking to me.
Girl #2: Haha. That’s awkward.
Girl #1: Yeah… So, basically, it’s really easy to get a job at a library.

–New School