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I Mean Like Re­al­ly Bor­ing Sex

Girl #1: You know what I like? Sleep sex.
Girl #2: Sleep sex? What’s that?
Girl #1: You know… Like, when you’re asleep, and you wake up, and you’re hav­ing sex.
Girl #2: You mean like rape?

–NYU Li­brary

Over­heard by: Kent by Day

Bore­dom, Most­ly

Jan­i­tor: I’m sor­ry, ma’am, you can’t wear boots on the equip­ment.
20-some­thing woman wear­ing Ug­gs on el­lip­ti­cal ma­chine: But these are or­tho­pe­dic boots!
Jan­i­tor: I’m sor­ry, but it’s against pol­i­cy to wear the boots on the ma­chines.
20-some­thing woman wear­ing Ug­gs: Why are you do­ing this to me?

–Dodge YM­CA, At­lantic Ave