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If That’s the Only Party Available, I’m Going

Sexually ambiguous guy: Yeah, Natasha is having a party tonight, but I didn’t want to go because she has bedbugs, and I was afraid that I’d get bedbugs and bring them home. Everyone who’s going has to wear plastic bags.
Female companion: Why is she having a party?
Sexually ambiguous guy: It’s a bedbug party.

–St. Mark’s Pl

Overheard by: minerfa

And No Eyeliner on the Chicken

Burly guy: I drove Lucy Liu around in her trailer for six weeks.
Columbia student: Really? She’s cute.
Burly guy: Yeah, she’s cute. But then you see her with her makeup off and you’re like, ‘I’ll have the chicken with broccoli.’

–Nussbaum & Wu, 113th & Broadway

There Is That Whole ‘Offset Death’ Thing

Mother to lady behind her: I mean, I’m not going to eat one, but like, I don’t know — it’s Starbucks! They have those coffees that are just, like, so fucking good. I’m here to get one of those mocha chip things that are, like, totally 600 calories, but I mean, why would someone not have one of them? They are, like, so totally good. I mean, what — are you supposed to be like a fucking stick [holds up pinky]? I mean, I work out for, like, three hours a day so I can have one of these. I’m a mother of two young kids. I look so good, right?! I cook my own cupcakes, so, I mean, I def would never eat one from Starbucks. They just sit there all day. Ew, gross. I make my own cupcakes with applesauce, of course, because you know, my kids shouldn’t be fat because of me. Right? But like, I don’t understand why people wouldn’t have a mocha chip latte or whatever the fuck they’re called. I mean, it is why people work out, right?
Lady behind her: Um, maybe?

–Starbucks, 27th & 6th

It’s All in the Fricatives

Granny: Be careful!
Man jaywalking with several bags in hand: Ma, I know how to walk the streets in New York. [Car comes to screeching halt in front of him and honks. Man yells to driver] Fuck you! [To granny] See, I’m fine.

–Main St, Flushing

Overheard by: a fully certified ny pedestrian