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Then We’ll Dip In­to the Sac­ri­fi­cial Wine and Have a Good Laugh

Woman #1: She keeps act­ing all fun­ny now, and I’m up to the point where I’ll have to beat her ass.
Woman #2: You crazy.
Woman #1: I’m beat­ing her ass right in church, you watch me!
Woman #2 (laugh­ing): You crazy!
Woman #1: I’ll say “Lord, for­give me,” be­fore I beat her ass down right in front of the al­tar!

–PATH Train

Over­heard by: Man­hattman

It Tells Me Sto­ries About Jesters and Drag­ons

Woman #1: So, I went to the der­ma­tol­o­gist the oth­er day, and she said it does­n’t have to be re­moved.
Woman #2: Oh…good!
Woman #1: I know! I was like, “good!” I’m very at­tached to it, and it’s very at­tached to me!
Woman #3: Wait…what are we talk­ing about?
Woman #1 (in loud whis­per): I have a…huge mole. On my ass.

–Deli, 7th & Ave A

M’am, That’s Kind of Why He’s in This Line-up in the First Place

Girl #1: What do you think?
Girl #2: Oh! He’s kind of cute…except he looks kind of like a se­r­i­al killer.

–Le Royale, West Vil­lage

Over­heard by: Pierre Pierre

Head­line by: Elise

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