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Plus I Ate a Latke Once.

Dominican #1: But I’m a Jew, man!
Dominican #2: You’re a Jew?
Dominican #1: Shit yeah.
Dominican #2: Man, I didn’t know there was any Jewish Dominicans.
Dominican #1: Not that kind of Jew. You ever met a Dominican Jew? Dominicans aren’t Jews! I just feel Jewish, man. My whole life I’ve been feelin’ Jewish like that. You know, like if there’s a penny on the street I pick it up!

–168th St Subway

That Was the Night I Became a Man

Guy #1: Getting old is not cool, man. I walked in on my mom in the shower once, it was gross…her boobs go down to her fucking knees.
Guy #2: No, they don’t.
Guy #1: Yeah, what the fuck do you know?
Guy #2: So, remember that party where she got drunk and smoked that salvia?

–14th St