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Now Are You Gonna Order or Do You Wanna Fuck With Me Some More?

Customer: Can I get an eggplant and mozzarella sandwich?
Employee: We outta eggs.
Customer: No, not eggs… Eggplant.
Employee: We outta eggs.
Customer: But eggplant and eggs are two entirely different things…
Employee, winking: The customer is always right.

–Au Bon Pain, Greenwich Village

Overheard by: Caelster

Assuming That What Suburban 13-Year-Olds Have Can Be Considered a “Life”

13-year-old boy #1: Dude, you know what I did? I totally called Donna and told her you made a date with a fat chick.
13-year-old boy #2: You did not.
13-year-old boy #1: I totally did. She thought it was really funny. Sorry.
13-year-old boy #3: You guys are wasting my time and my life. [gets up and leaves] 

–Cosi, 13th St & 6th Ave

Overheard by: thank god i’m not 13 anymore