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I’ve Heard Her Stuff, She Needs All The Help She Can Get

Rocker girl: Why should I buy music on iTunes when everything I have on my iPod I’ve gotten for free on the Internet?
Rocker guy: The songs are only 99 cents, and you’d be helping out the musicians…
Rocker girl: But I am a musician — I’m helping myself out!

–Virgin Megastore

Overheard by: Gunnar

And the Luckiest Girl I Know

Girl with big hair: It was absolutely crazy.
Friend: I bet it was.
Girl with big hair: It was so messed up. Seriously, it was totally banana-whacked.
Friend: She’s banana-whacked. She’s a banana-whacked slut.

–Central Park

Overheard by: Juliet

Hardly. I Studied with the Bejing Opera

Black chick: What kind of soup do you got?
Chinese deli guy: Uhhh, we got some chicken noodle soup.
Black chick: Oh, just chicken noodle soup?
Chinese deli guy, singing and dancing: With a soda on the side! [Black chick glares at him in silence.] Uhhh, yeah, that’s all.
Black chick: That’s fuckin’ ign’ant, man.

–106th & 2nd