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Who, Let’s Face It, Is the Weak Link in That Triumvirate

Man #1: Yeah, Charley tells me he’s afraid of ghosts. He’s afraid they’ll get him if he turns out the light.
Man #2: Yeah?
Man #1: Yeah, so I told him, “Charley, there are no such things as ghosts.“
Man #2: Okay.
Man #1: And then he asks Elane if there are no such things as ghosts and she starts going blah-da-de-blah on about the holy ghost.
Man #2: *Sigh*

–D Line

Overheard by: Mago

You Have Weird Education in the U.S.

French girl #1: My friend cannot eat pineapple, because the last time he did, he got this ‑what do you call it- in his mouth…
American guy: Herpes!
French girl #2: Uh… I don’t know if that is the word.
French girl #1: Yea, he ate it and had these little spots…
American guy: Herpes! I have herpes all the time, too.
French girl #2: Maybe it is the same word in English.
French girl #1: Well he has this small problem near his eye…
American guy: An eye tumor?
French girl #1: Yes, like a little, uh, tumor.
American guy: Man, you guys have weird diseases in France.

–Whole Foods, Union Square

Overheard by: AJ