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This Is How They Keep Their Marriage Fresh

Hot 20-something blonde: Stop staring at other girls! Do you know how lucky you are to have me? Most men your age would kill to have a girlfriend this hot!
40-something boyfriend: For the last time, you aren’t my girlfriend!
Hot 20-something blonde: Oh, don’t pull that again. I am so. You don’t just get to fuck me in every hole for a year and say I’m not your girlfriend! You are so lucky to have me! You aren’t even that rich!
40-something boyfriend: I will pay you $500 to shut the fuck up for the rest of the day.
Hot 20-something girlfriend: Done.

–52nd & 8th

She Put the Lime in Her Coconut, and I Drank ’em Both Up

Lesbian: Rachel’s dying her hair again, she’s going back to redhead. She’s so dedicated! Every time she changes her hair color she makes sure she does the whole job, just for me!
Friend: Uh, doesn’t one usually do the “whole job” when dying hair?
Lesbian: No, no, I mean she dyes *down there*, you know?
Friend: Ah, right, gotcha. (pause) Uh, wasn’t she lime green last month?

–F Train

But I Can’t Stop ‘Til I Can Cut Glass With My Ribs

Ditzy chick: So are you even hungry at all?
Ditzy skinny chick: Not really, no.
Ditzy chick: I can’t believe you haven’t eaten in nine days!
Ditzy skinny chick (excitedly): I know!! I can’t believe some people do this for 30 days, though. I think that’s unhealthy.
Ditzy chick: I wish I could’ve done it with you. It was just a bad week to start, I was too stressed to not eat.
Ditzy skinny chick: It’s okay. This is my second try, anyway. I couldn’t follow the program the first time either. Although I’m gonna have a hard time on Friday. I have a date. When he takes me to dinner what am I gonna say? “Thank you, but I can’t order anything tonight. Can I just have one bite of your pasta?”?

–M101 Bus

Overheard by: Alayne

Whoa, Breakthrough

6th grader #1: I don’t want to go to tennis, I want to stay after school today.
6th grader #2: I can’t, I’m going to be out until 7.
6th grader #1: Why?
6th grader #2: I have a social life.
6th grader #1: You don’t have a social life; you have a therapist!

–Trevor Day School