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That’s Just Your Conscience Dying

Ingenue: She looks good for her age.
Jaded older woman: Botox and lifts.
Ingenue: At least her hair is natural.
Jaded older woman: You kidding? She dyes every week.
Ingenue: Her teeth.
Jaded older woman: Please.
Ingenue: Why do I feel guilty just talking to you?

–Front & Wall Streets

Overheard by: Feeling Guilty for Just Listening

Suddenly, I’m Galvanized by a Jolt of Pop Culture Goodness

Gay guy: Ugh, I can’t stand these small theaters. They’re so cramped and sweaty, and the seats are too small.
Girl: Whatever, you’re just being a snob.
Gay guy: Yeah well, maybe I’ve just paid my dues long enough in this city to feel above this scene. I don’t think…
Girl (interrupts): Oh my god, Mandy Moore just walked in.
Gay guy (gasps and whips around): Mandy Moore?! Where?!

–Cherry Lane Theater

Is It Fair That White People Monopolize All the Irony? Discuss

Guy #1: Can’t believe there are so many cops out.
Guy #2: It’s probably because of the 4th of July, you know, security threats, terrorism.
Drunk girl (shouts, pumps fist in the air): Oh yeah, terrorism!
Guy #2: Can you not do that 10 feet from those cops?!
Drunk girl: What, who cares? I’m white. It’s ironic!

–W. 43rd & Broadway