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News­Flash: NYC Sub­ways Falling Apart. In Oth­er News, Sun Rose To­day.

Crazy guy, un­rolling huge chart: Look up, peo­ple! If you had looked up back there in the sta­tion, you would have seen paint and de­bris falling off the ceil­ing on­to your heads! The city and the MTA don’t want you to know the rea­son why it’s falling off, but if you’ll look at this chart, you can see that I’ve care­ful­ly mapped out — every time the city re­pairs a street, di­rect­ly be­low it the sub­way ceil­ings are falling down! See? They worked on 86th and Lex last week, and the ceil­ing is al­ready falling down! [Con­tin­ues ranting.]UES la­dy to hub­by: Next time you book this train, get us a seat in the non-delu­sion­al car.

–6 train, be­tween 86th & 72nd

Over­heard by: Vol­un­teer Wit­ness

Jer­ry Lee Lewis: Trust Me — No One Finds It Fun­ny

20-ish girl #1: They are sooo fun­ny to­geth­er! Like a pen­cil and an eras­er.
20-ish girl #2: A pen­cil and an eras­er?
20-ish girl #1: Okay, maybe that’s not the best anal­o­gy. They’re like… a stick and a ball!
20-ish girl #2: A stick and a ball…
20-ish girl #1: Yeah. Would­n’t it be fun­ny if they dat­ed?
20-ish girl #2: Wait, I thought you said they were cousins.
20-ish girl #1: Well, I’m not to­tal­ly sure… But would­n’t it be fun­ny if they dat­ed?
20-ish girl #2: Uh…

–Brook­lyn-bound D train