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NewsFlash: NYC Subways Falling Apart. In Other News, Sun Rose Today.

Crazy guy, unrolling huge chart: Look up, people! If you had looked up back there in the station, you would have seen paint and debris falling off the ceiling onto your heads! The city and the MTA don’t want you to know the reason why it’s falling off, but if you’ll look at this chart, you can see that I’ve carefully mapped out — every time the city repairs a street, directly below it the subway ceilings are falling down! See? They worked on 86th and Lex last week, and the ceiling is already falling down! [Continues ranting.]UES lady to hubby: Next time you book this train, get us a seat in the non-delusional car.

–6 train, between 86th & 72nd

Overheard by: Volunteer Witness

Jerry Lee Lewis: Trust Me — No One Finds It Funny

20-ish girl #1: They are sooo funny together! Like a pencil and an eraser.
20-ish girl #2: A pencil and an eraser?
20-ish girl #1: Okay, maybe that’s not the best analogy. They’re like… a stick and a ball!
20-ish girl #2: A stick and a ball…
20-ish girl #1: Yeah. Wouldn’t it be funny if they dated?
20-ish girl #2: Wait, I thought you said they were cousins.
20-ish girl #1: Well, I’m not totally sure… But wouldn’t it be funny if they dated?
20-ish girl #2: Uh…

–Brooklyn-bound D train