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Man­ning the Bar­ri­cades Against Pe­nile Look­ism

Guy #1: You know, 82 per­cent of the world is not cut.
Guy #2: Yeah, I’m not cir­cum­cised.
Guy #3: Dude! That’s gross!
Guy #2: No — how so? It’s cool.
Guy #3: Yo, let’s call up some bitch and ask her what’s hot­ter: a dick with the skin or with­out it.
Guy #4: You know, the David is not cir­cum­cised.
Guy #2: See?! Cut penis­es are so bare.
Guy #5: How would you know?!
Guy #4: Yeah, but the David’s Jew­ish… It’s wrong! And how does an un­cir­cum­cised pe­nis help you?
Guy #2: It pro­tects dirt from com­ing in.

–Co­lum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty