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Hag Re­cruit­ing Starts With an At­tack on the Can­di­date’s Self-Es­teem

Flam­boy­ant NYU guy: Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen you in so long!
Ditzy NYU girl: I know, right? Oh my god!
Flam­boy­ant NYU guy: This is, like, so weird! I was just think­ing about you!
Ditzy NYU girl: Aw, cute! When?
Flam­boy­ant NYU guy: I was all alone at home on Fri­day night and feel­ing re­al­ly de­pressed and then I re­al­ized you prob­a­bly did­n’t have any plans ei­ther! That made me feel bet­ter!
Ditzy NYU girl: Hah… Wait, what?

–W. 4th & Greene St

Over­heard by: jon

Al­though If You Had, I’m Sure the French Would’ve Giv­en Them to You

Po­lite Japan­ese tourist: Ex­cuse me, please. Can you give di­rec­tion to Em­pire State Build­ing?
An­gry old man: Hell, no. It’s not like you peo­ple need­ed god­dam di­rec­tions to get to Pearl Har­bor.


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