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Just Be Thankful Your Imagination Stops There

Geeky kid #1: So they were talking about cremation, did you hear that for $10,000 you can get your ashes turned into a diamond, like for your nearest and dearest to wear?
Geeky kid #2: Imagine if your wife wore it while she fucked some other guy!
Geeky kid #1: It? Imagine if she wore you.
Geeky kid #2: The wench.

–L Train

Overheard by: Bea 61

Then You Probably Have No Interest in Playing Football

Little boy: Grandma, can I play football?
Grandma: I don’t know about that, you have to talk to the coach.
Little boy: Grandma, can I play football if I get an F in school?
Grandma: No, you can’t play if you get an F.
Little boy: But what if it’s an F for “fabulous”?

–Nostrand Ave

Overheard by: aja

Except the Occasional Baby

Loud man in motorcycle jacket to table of friends: I wear a wedding band on job interviews… Makes them think that I’m committed and responsible.
Chick: That’s a good idea!
Loud man: I also wear it to the club, chicks dig a guy who can commit.
Chick: That’s so true! But wait… You’re not married?
Loud man: Nah, I just live with my baby’s mama… We sleep in the same bed but nothing ever happens.

–Tony’s Pier, City Island

Overheard by: Fulana Pepa

They Have Nothing to Lose and They’re Not Afraid to Die

Crazy guy: I don’t give a fuck! I’ll fight all ya’ll muthafuckas! I’m from Brooklyn East New York, nigga! I’ll fuck up every muthafucka in here…
Old guy: Bitch, you step on my shoe! I’ll take my belt off and beat your ass with it! Look at my hair- it’s grey! You don’t talk to me like that, I beat your ass!
Crazy guy: Uhh… I don’t fight old people – that’s bad luck. (awkwardly exits car)

–1 Train

Screw This– Let’s Just Go to the Twin Towers

Curly-haired boy: This is not the Empire State Building!
Girl in yellow pants: It clearly says it is on the building. They’re just remodeling the top.
Curly-haired boy: No, they’re just advertising for the Empire State Building. This is not it.
Girl in yellow pants: I’ll go ask the security guard.
(girl leaves with another boy, comes back)
Girl in yellow pants: There, even he said it is the Empire State.
Curly-haired boy: You saw how he laughed at you when you asked. He was tricking you.

–In front of Empire State Building

Overheard by: thereyo