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Except Bon Jovi Fans and the Entire Pleather Industry

Dad: Why don’t you take some pictures of all the buildings?
Little boy with camera: I already took pictures of those buildings. (aims camera towards New Jersey) I’ll take pictures of this spot now!
Mom (disgustedly): No honey, that’s New Jersey. Nobody cares about New Jersey.

–Staten Island Ferry

Overheard by: I care about jersey

Like That It’s Possible to Get Thin by Eating Chocolate?

Guy giving out Kellogg’s Special K chocolate bars: Free cereal bars! Free cereal bars!
Hobo (to Kellogg’s guy): Hey, why isn’t anyone giving me any money? They all be paying attention to you!
Kellogg’s guy: Because I’m giving out free candy. You’re giving out lies.

–Outside Penn Station