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Seems to Be Coming Into Heat

Teen girl #1: My French teacher is Ms. Smith*. I was like, “Please no!” I hate her so much, and she really sucks at teaching.
Teen girl #2: Oh yeah, I know. Plus, she looks like a monkey’s vagina.
Teen girl #1: Have you ever even seen a monkey’s vagina?
Teen girl #2: Yeah… I’ve seen her face.

–Promenade, Brooklyn Heights

Ad: Still the Healthiest Thing You Can Buy at McDonald’s

(man is eating, drug dealer sits at his table)
Dealer: An eight ball, right?
(man’s cell rings, he answers)
Man (into cell): I’m… at the gym. (pause) Yeah, and this call has made me one of those annoying people on the phone at the treadmills. I’ll call you later. (to dealer) Yeah, an eight ball.

–McDonald’s, The Village

Overheard by: soccerboy