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Seems to Be Com­ing In­to Heat

Teen girl #1: My French teacher is Ms. Smith*. I was like, “Please no!” I hate her so much, and she re­al­ly sucks at teach­ing.
Teen girl #2: Oh yeah, I know. Plus, she looks like a mon­key’s vagi­na.
Teen girl #1: Have you ever even seen a mon­key’s vagi­na?
Teen girl #2: Yeah… I’ve seen her face.

–Prom­e­nade, Brook­lyn Heights

Ad: Still the Health­i­est Thing You Can Buy at Mc­Don­ald’s

(man is eat­ing, drug deal­er sits at his ta­ble)
Deal­er: An eight ball, right?
(man’s cell rings, he an­swers)
Man (in­to cell): I’m… at the gym. (pause) Yeah, and this call has made me one of those an­noy­ing peo­ple on the phone at the tread­mills. I’ll call you lat­er. (to deal­er) Yeah, an eight ball.

–Mc­Don­ald’s, The Vil­lage

Over­heard by: soc­cer­boy