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There’s a Rea­son Some Stereo­types Ex­ist.

Bode­ga counter guy, to girl walk­ing up to buy beers: Fuckin shit! Oh, par­don my lan­guage miss. Watch your mouth boys, there’s a la­dy!
Girl: Dude, I’m buy­ing two dou­ble Pab­st and rolling to­bac­co, say what­ev­er the fuck you want,
Pa­tron in line be­hind her: This is Brook­lyn, ain’t no ladies here.

–Grove & Broad­way, Brook­lyn

We Ex­pect­ed Noth­ing Less from the Birth­place of the Long Is­land Iced Tea

Con­duc­tor: Crime does not pay. I re­peat, crime does not pay. There will be no crime on this train. Lit­ter­ing is a crime. Throw­ing up on the train is a crime. If you feel the need to re­lieve your­self, there is one place you can throw up on the train…on your­self. Or if you have a girl­friend, you can have her join in on the sit­u­a­tion and you can throw up on her. I’m sure that pun­ish­ment would be far worse. (at the next stop) I’d like to thank the gen­tle­man in the sec­ond car. That was the most amaz­ing dis­play of pro­jec­tile vom­it out­side the car doors that I have ever seen! A new record!


Over­heard by: Rob Mo

And Was Wear­ing a Babush­ka.

Ghet­to princess #1: So I said, “No way, Ay-rab, I’m not danc­ing with you.“
Ghet­to princess #2: He was­n’t Arab, he was Greek.
Ghet­to princess #1: He looked like he was from Ay-ray-bi­ca. I don’t know, he just seemed crazy.
Ghet­to princess #3: No, no, he was def­i­nite­ly Greek, cause he spoke like he was in the mafia and every­thing.

–A Train