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But in a Hot Way

Blonde WASP: Yeah, and Kris­ten’s hot!
Brunette WASP: But on­ly once you get to know her…
Blonde WASP: Yeah, you’re to­tal­ly right… She kin­da looks like Mar­i­lyn Man­son.
Brunette WASP: Oh my god, it’s true! But in a hot way.
Blonde WASP, lat­er on: He to­tal­ly had to get a sep­tu­plet by­pass.
Brunette WASP: That sounds so bad.
Blonde WASP: Yeah, they take veins from your leg! He was so fat.

–N train

Over­heard by: JayTro

That’s the Beau­ty of Keep­ing Ever­clear in the Sup­ply Room

La­dy suit: Did you bring that from the of­fice?
Suit #1, hold­ing up ex­pen­sive pen: Oh, yeah, to look of­fi­cial. You know, for self-im­por­tance.
Suit #2: Yeah, self-es­teem has been bad this week.
La­dy suit: I think we need to go out drink­ing.

–Star­bucks, 21st & 5th

Over­heard by: maybe they could or­der a cof­fee li­quer?