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And I Made ’em Fill My Teeth With Jel­ly

Asian guy: So you re­al­ly love chick­en, huh?
Big white guy: Ac­tu­al­ly no, its not re­al­ly healthy to eat a lot of meat.
Asian guy (look­ing con­fused): But you eat all those crazy amounts of skit­tles in your desk, right?
Big white guy: Yeah, but I don’t have any cav­i­ties. I mean, I had some and got them filled, but I don’t have any cav­i­ties right now.

–Wall St

Here Comes One Now

Girl: You left me for two hours!
Hot gay guy: You left me for one hour!
Girl: I had an er­rand to run! You did not!
Hot gay guy: My or­gan­ism is an er­rand!
Girl: Do nor­mal peo­ple do this? When I’m bored, I read or do some­thing con­struc­tive.
Hot gay guy: When I’m bored, I have an or­gasm.

–9th & Ave C