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If Worse Comes to Worse, We Can Paci­fy Them with Beer

Pre­teen boy, on his way to St. Patrick­’s Pa­rade: Mom­my, how long do we have to be on this train?
Moth­er: A few min­utes.
Pre­teen boy: Mom­my! This is like when the Nazis took all those peo­ple to con­cen­tra­tion camps!
Moth­er: Yeah, but they were Ger­man, these peo­ple are Irish.

–PATH Train

Over­heard by: Shane

He’s About a Minute Away from De­volv­ing In­to, “Red Rum! Red Rum!”

Adorable singing tod­dler: Too many peo­ple! Too many peo­ple! Too many peo­ple!
(train stops at sta­tion)
Adorable singing tod­dler: This train needs to move!
Woman sit­ting near­by: This kid is *awe­some*!
(min­utes lat­er)
Adorable tod­dler, still singing: Me­ow, me­ow, me­ow, me­ow, me­ow! Be qui­et, cat. Me­ow, me­ow, me­ow, me­ow! Shhh…cat, be qui­et. You’re not my cat, be qui­et! Me­ow? Me­ow! Me­ow me­ow!

–Down­town 3 Train