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Meet the Chubby Elle Woods

Girl to boyfriend mocking her for not swiping credit card properly: Ken! Don’t you dare make fun of me!! I’ve had a really hard day!
Ken: Why? What happened?
Girl, choking: I failed my mid-terms. (suddenly swipes her card angrily) All I want right now is my Cosmopolitan and candy bar. That’s all I ask of life!

–Store, 59th St & Lexington

Overheard by: Frank S

I Wasn’t Always a Security Guard, Y’know

Girl selling at bake sale #1: This is so stupid. No one wants anything.
Security guard: That’s cause you’re doin’ it all wrong.
Girl selling at bake sale #2: Oh yeah? What should we do?
Security guard: Next person that passes, be like “Yo! I got your brownie!” then when they come over, give it to them and be like “Aight, that’s two dollars.”

–Manhattan College, The Bronx

Wait a Minute– Are You the Creepy Guy?

Annoyed woman: And then there’s that one guy, that creepy guy who’s always harassing me.
Confused man: Who?
Annoyed woman: That guy, he’s really pale.
Confused man: Oh, is this the albino guy?
Annoyed: No, no, the albino guy is cool. It’s that film student.
Confused man: The guy who works at Anderson’s?
Annoyed woman: No, that’s the other one. He’s all right, that guy’s all right.

–R Train

Overheard by: Hannah