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Tonight’s Movie: The Italian Job

Hot girl: Every time I look in the mirror, I cry a little bit inside.
Hot girl’s friend: Why? But you’re like so pretty.
Hot girl: For all the ugly people out there who must feel so unsatisfied with themselves and their nonexistent sex lives when they look at me and think, “wow if only I had such assets. If only my butt jiggled like that.“
Hot girl’s friend: What is with you and your obsession with anal intercourse? You can have a perfectly balanced sex life and not engage in anal sex.
Hot girl: Not if you’re Italian.
Hot girl’s friend: Ohhh, so that’s why Italians have such nice asses. All that thrusting must widen the butt cheeks tremendously.

–64th & 1st

To Attain a Future Better Than the Present, You First Have to Imagine It

Teenage Latina to friend: So I want my next man and me to have more in common. My man, he gotta dress ghetto, you know, baggy pants, piercings, and chains, but he can’t be no pimp or dirty slut. He can’t be having no nasty diseases. He can’t have no kids or none on the way and he can’t have done no time, yet.
Friend: Gattita, I hear you. But what’cha gonna do with him?
Teenage Latina: Well, he’s gonna have to like scary movies and reggaeton, Mexican food, and… (pauses to think for a moment) French fries! You know, them white people’s food.
Friend: Holla.

–2 Train

Overheard by: Carrie


Rican tough tween chick #1: What about Rebecca?
Rican tough tween chick #2: I hear she a lesbian.
Rican tough tween chick #3: A lesbian?
Rican tough tween chick #2: Yeah, she likes girls.
Rican tough tween chick #1 (laughing): Fuck that shit. Who wants to like girls?

–Bergenline Jitney, Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Overheard by: Rich Mintz