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…Just Like Guitar Hero.

Guy #1: Mario and Luigi are so Mexican.
Guy #2: What?! Are you crazy? They’re Italian, duh!
Guy #1: No, but they’ve got the mustache, you know? That’s so Mexican!
Guy #2: No, they have Italian mustaches!
Guy #1: Psst, you do know what the whole point of the game is, right?
Guy #2: Yeah, these two Italian guys go and save some kidnapped princess.
Guy #1: Really? I thought it was about two Mexicans trying to hop the border.

–Chambers & Greenwich

Overheard by: Milo

No One Took Little Hannibal Seriously Until It Was Too Late

Dad to four-year-old throwing tantrum: I’m gonna take off your shoes and tickle your feet.
Four-year-old boy: Then I’m gonna punch you!
Dad: Then I’m gonna throw your shoes into the street.
Four-year-old boy: Then I’m gonna…eat your…penis!

–Outside Lucali’s Pizza, Carroll Gardens

Overheard by: Frankie