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If Ever an “Aww, Snap!” Were Called For…

Average-sized girl: This stuff is beautiful! But it would look so blah on me. You’re lucky you’re a size 24 waist and can look so hot in this stuff.
Model-looking friend: Meh, it’s overrated.
Average-sized girl: Yeah, right! Name one thing that’s not cool about being as thin as you are.
Model-looking friend: Well, I kind of miss… eating. (awkward pause) And also, I’m a size 23 waist.

–Upper East Side

Overheard by: Hopes she’s exaggerating

I Miss My High School Wedgie-and-Swirlie Friends

Thug selling rap CDs on the corner to nervous Asian boy walking by: Yo, man, you know you want a CD.
Nervous Asian boy: (keeps walking)
Thug, hitting Asian boy on shoulder: You better buy a fucking CD.
Nervous Asian boy: No, thank you. (begins walking faster and turns to friend) You know, I could really see being friends with that guy.

–8th & Broadway

Overheard by: Kay

Still Think Jared Can’t Get Any Creepier?

Troubled thug: Yeah, for some reason your mom really wants me to hook up with her… But I dunno…
Envious thug: You should, man, she’s really attractive! I mean, I know you already got a girlfriend and whatever, but god put you on earth for such a short time…
Troubled thug: Yeah, I dunno…
Envious thug: God, I wish I had your luck with women.

–Subway Sandwich Shop

Overheard by: Are you talking about his mom, or…?

Only Now It Burns When I Pee

Ghetto chick #1: When I was younger, I was afraid to wash myself in certain areas.
Ghetto chick #2: Why?
Ghetto chick #1: Well, I thought that if I washed my vagina, it would burn.
Ghetto chick #2: Um… You’re over that now, right? You wash now?
Ghetto chick #1: Oh yeah. Everything’s fine now. I wash it.

–Red Lobster, Times Square

Overheard by: Kit

Although for Some Reason I’ve Never Seen My Girlfriend and My Mom in the Same Room…

Thugette: Hurry up, motherfucker!
Thug: Hey! I ain’t never ever fucked my mother!

–40th & 8th

Headline by: subtleglow

· “Don’t Be Vulgar, We Made Love!” — lisha dlp
· “See How He Slipped in That Double Negative? Sly…” — funkstar
· “She Has Standards, After All” — Terry B
· “That Makes One Of Us” — John T

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Is Anyone Crazier Than White People? Discuss.

Intelligent-looking girlfriend: How’s she going to run a marathon in 60 minutes?
Intelligent-looking boyfriend, indifferently: It’s impossible.
Intelligent-looking girlfriend: I mean, not even those crazy black people can run that fast.
Intelligent-looking boyfriend, unfazed: I know.
Intelligent-looking girlfriend: I mean, I can’t even drive that fast in the city!
Intelligent-looking boyfriend: Um… I hope you can go 26 miles in one hour.
Intelligent-looking girlfriend: Oh, right. I’m sorry. I was thinking 60 miles an hour. It’s the vodka talking. Now kiss me once nicely, without whiskers.
(two minutes later)
Intelligent-looking girlfriend: I remember the first time I showered with you and I had this big snot coming out my nose.
Intelligent-looking boyfriend: I remember the first time I slept with you, and farted a lot.

–1 Train

Overheard by: Rick