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You Know You’re Drunk When the Evening Ends in a Bookstore

Obviously inebriated brunette: So… I’m pretty sure I’m going to die tonight.
Obviously inebriated blonde: Well, if we do, I think I should put up a Facebook status so everyone knows.
Obviously inebriated brunette: I’m pretty sure the tox screen will show it.
(ten seconds later)
Obviously inebriated brunette: Kill me. Oh, wait, no need. I’ll be dead in three hours.
Obviously inebriated blonde: Just don’t go dying in my bed… that’s creepy.
(five seconds later)
Obviously inebriated brunette: Um… did you just burp?
Obviously inebriated blonde: Yeah. Why?
Obviously inebriated brunette: Because it just went up my nose.
Obviously inebriated blonde: Now… that’s legendary.

–Barnes & Noble, Midtown

Overheard by: NYLove

Blame New York

Hot law student: But then she was like, “but he’s gay?“
Less pretty friend: No way!
Hot law student: I know, so I just laughed and said my boyfriend’s defo not gay.
Man on next table: I don’t mean to be rude, but if you’re always like this I can see why he would be, I’m thinking of interior decorating as we speak.
Hot law student, whispering to friend: Obviously a closet.

–Tavern on the Green, Central Park

It’s Bad Enough I Already Think About Aunt Phyllis

Clearly drunk college student: Dude, I need advice. If you meet this really hot girl that happens to have the same name as your mother, do you still do her?
Bouncer: Hell yeah. Why not? She’s hot, right?
Clearly drunk college student: Ugh, I don’t know. I don’t want to think of my mom the whole time. I can’t do it.

–Walker & Church