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Who Calls Their Doormen “1” and “2”?

Four-year-old: Doorman 1 is fat.
Mom: No he’s not. Who said that?
Four-year-old: Doorman 2.
Mom: Well, doorman 2 is wrong. Doorman 1 is just a bigger guy. He’s just bigger than doorman 2. He’s not fat.
Four-year-old: Yes he is.
Mom: No he’s not. Who are you going to believe, me or doorman 2?
Four-year-old: Doorman 2.

–Riverside Drive

Whew, Crisis Averted.

Teen girl #1: So, I wanted to get these boots with fringe, but I think fringe is like so over.
Teen girl #2: Yeah, but you could totally get fabricated fringe.
Teen girl #1: Wait, what do you mean by that?
Teen girl #2: Like, fringe made of fabric – but not like cotton.
Teen girl #1: Oh my god! Like tweed fringe?! Totally!


Every Day I Test Myself, and Every Day I Fail.

Subway operator: This downtown 1 train will not be stopping at 50th Street. I repeat, will not be stopping at 50th Street.
(a minute passes)
Subway operator: We will not be stopping at 50th Street. There is a stalled train there. We will be going straight to 42nd without stopping at 50th.
(another minute goes by)
Subway operator: This is a downtown 1 train, next stop will be 50th. Shit! 42nd.

–1 Train

Strangely, She Then Mentioned a “Russian Judge” and a “German Judge”

Male Fordham student: I think I witnessed a girl getting bad news about either being pregnant or getting STDs!
Female Fordham student: How do you know?!
Male Fordham student: Because she was on the phone and I heard her say “wait, that’s not possible, how could the results come back as that?”

–Fordham University, Lincoln Center