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I Always Miss the Good Gang Initiations

Urban yout’ #1: There was cake, yo!
Urban yout’ #2 (in sobbing yowl): Caaaake?
Urban yout’ #1: Nigger, there was cake! There were two cakes up in that shit!
Urban yout’ #2: Yo, that is fucked up! (in small, sad voice) Good cake? What kind?
urban yout’ #1: Nigger, these were good cakes. You should have gone, yo.
Urban yout’ #2: Fuck. Cake.

–33rd St & 6th Ave

Still Think Children Are Precious?

Four-year-old girl: You know, sometimes I fart from my pagina.
Seven-year-old boy: That’s impossible, you cannot fart from your pagina.
Four-year-old girl: Yes, I really fart from my pagina, and I do it all the time.
Seven-year-old boy: How do you know it’s from your pagina and not your butt?
Four-year-old girl: I know what comes from my butt and what comes from my pagina. My pagina feels like a button.
Seven-year-old boy: I don’t care. You do not fart from your pagina.
Four-year-old girl: Yes, I do, and Cinderella does, too.
Seven-year-old boy: Just stop talking to me.

–Rosa Mexicana, 61st & Columbus

Overheard by: Ariella

Sounds Like a Pyramid Scheme

Yuppie mom #1: It’s very blocks focused.
Yuppie mom #2: Blocks?
Yuppie mom #1: Yes, it’s a very progressive school. They do very perverse things with the blocks.
Yuppie mom #2: Um, I don’t think I understand.
Yuppie mom #1: You know, they use the blocks in literature, in math…if they want to play kitchen, they have to build the kitchen first. It’s very progressive.

–12th St & Broadway

Overheard by: Jenny