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…Get Thee to a Pun­nery!

Nerdy guy #1: That dude is a to­tal fag, any­way!
Nerdy girl: Uh, you can’t call peo­ple fags…
Nerdy guy #2: Yeah! From now on, let’s use “fog”.
Nerdy girl: That guy is such a fog?
Nerdy guy #1: Yeah… He will be mist.
(20 sec­onds lat­er)
Nerdy girl: Wait! Missed? Mist? My god…


Like When He Was 2 and He Still Did­n’t Know About San­ta

Hot nerdy girl: Like that one time when I was 11, and I got in trou­ble for telling Kevin that there’s bac­te­ria in yo­gurt and he start­ed cry­ing. Like, ugh, its not my fault you raised him to be so obliv­i­ous.
Hip­ster friend: Yeah, he was like 6 or some­thing, he shoul­da known dat shit by then.

–66th St & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Robert