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Tonight, on Queer As Fock

Drunk passerby to group of hipsters in front of him: All these fucking nerdy guys are with hot girls these days.
Female hipster: Oh, why thank you! He’s gay, so it doesn’t really matter anyway.
Drunk passerby: Oh, damn. He’s gay…?
Male hipster: Yeah, but I’m a math major, so it was fair of you to call me nerdy.

–East Village

I Think I Saw This Short at the Cannes Film Festival

Blue collar guy to random guy holding a musical instrument: I wish I had a harpsichord. I’d put on an old fashioned movie and play it in the dark. You wouldn’t even need a drink!
Musical guy: A drink wouldn’t hurt.
Blue collar guy: No, it wouldn’t. (takes a bottle of rum out of his pocket and takes a swig)

–N Train

Overheard by: Pretending to listen to her music

You Won’t Want to Breathe in Again Once We Reach Brooklyn

Train conductor: Next stop, 2nd Ave. Please do not push and shove, this might result in a fight unless you like to fight.
(moments later)
Train conductor: This is 2nd Ave. It is now okay for all of you to take a deep breath. The next stop is Delancy Street.
(moments later)
Train conductor: This is Delancy Street. For all of you that are still holding your breath, it is now okay to breath out.

–F Train

Overheard by: LunchBox

If Worse Comes to Worse, We Can Pacify Them with Beer

Preteen boy, on his way to St. Patrick’s Parade: Mommy, how long do we have to be on this train?
Mother: A few minutes.
Preteen boy: Mommy! This is like when the Nazis took all those people to concentration camps!
Mother: Yeah, but they were German, these people are Irish.

–PATH Train

Overheard by: Shane