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Plus I Had to Be Bedridden and Quarantined Every Time I Got My Period

Old woman with husband, reminiscing: When I was younger I had an art degree from Cooper Union, had a fantastic graphic design job. I had a great career going for myself. And then guess what happened.
20-something girl: You got married?
Old woman, shocked: No! How old do you think I am? That we’re from the 1800s? (pause) Computers. That’s what happened.

–Times Square

Overheard by: RCS

Tyger Tyger?

Ditzy blonde #1: How was your night?
Ditzy blonde #2: It was good. I just saw a guy’s face catch on fire!
Ditzy blonde #1: Ohhhh!
Ditzy blonde #2: It was crazy cuz I had just, like, used that same lighter and then it like, burnt his eyebrows off.
Ditzy blonde #1: Ohhhh!
Ditzy blonde #2: That’s the third person I saw get burned in the face this week!
Ditzy blonde #1: Ohhhh, no!.
(silence as they eat pizza for a minute)
Ditzy blonde #2: Speaking of which, do you know who else was burned in the face?

–6th St & Ave A

Overheard by: Ashley