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…While I Wipe Off the Tears on My Sleeve

Pro­mot­er, stop­ping friends: Hey! You guys look like pret­ty awe­some peo­ple!
Friend #1: Nah, we’re re­al­ly not.
Friend #2: Yeah, we’re ac­tu­al­ly pret­ty lame.
Pro­mot­er: Well, you at least like kids, right?
Friend #1: No. I fuck­ing hate kids. They’re ter­ri­ble. I punch them all the time.
Pro­mot­er: Ha­ha. Well, what about an­i­mals?
Friend #1: Nope. I hate them too…especially kit­tens and pup­pies. I punch them too. I do the dou­ble punch. Kids and pup­pies at the same time. (starts punch­ing the air vi­o­lent­ly with both of her fists)
Pro­mot­er: Okay then. You guys have a nice day…

–Union Square

Over­heard by: hj