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I Prefer to Think Of What I Do As Panhandling Express

Black guy wearing North Face: Listen up, people! I’ma need some money to buy a coat, cuz it’s freezin out there! This coat that I’m wearin’ ain’t mine, it’s my friend’s. So I’ma need some money to buy a coat…yo, what stop is this?
Asian kid: Times Square.
Black guy: Okay…if you want to donate, you can’t. Cause I gotta go, man.

–1 Train

Nor the Laws Of Time and Space

Tourist #1, looking at subway exits: North side or south side?
Tourist #2: What’s the difference?
Tourist #1: Well north is north…and south is south.
(both look from one exit to the next and look at each other)
Passing New Yorker: Are you going uptown or downtown?
Tourist #1, thinking: Hmmmm.…west.
New yorker: West of 8th…but uptown or downtown? West side of what street?
Tourist #1: Hmm… West side of…23rd Street?
New Yorker, walking away: You don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

–23rd St

I’m Assuming by Then You’ll Want to Hurt Your Partner’s Feelings

NYU guy #1: Dude, when you die, can I have your Argyle?
NYU guy #2: What, you mean this?
NYU guy #1: Yeah. I mean, I just really like Argyle and I can’t seem to find any good sweaters these days. So, like…could I have it?
NYU guy #2: Dude, sure!
NYU guy #1: But don’t like try to die just to give it to me. I can wait a while. I think if you just put in your will something like, “and I bequeath my awesome Argyll to my friend” that should do it.

–8th St & Univerisity Place

Overheard by: Argyll Lover