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And Yet He Ruined the 2000 Election

Good Samaritan, rushing in: Chad told me to ask you for your first aid kit. Do you know Chad? Some lady got hit by a taxi!
Cashier: Yeah, he’s our boss.
(they leave with kit, cook returns a few minutes later)
Cook: Yo, Chad’s a hero. That woman’s head was in a pool of blood. She’s gonna need more than that first aid kit.
Cashier: It would be a guy named Chad who stops to help someone laying in the street. Most people see that and say “Yo, I gotta get to work.” You never see an Omar or Carlos stop to help someone. It would be a guy named Chad!

–Zen Burger, 45th & Lexington

Overheard by: — My friend Chad is serving in Iraq and is a hero too!

Hey, You Never Know When a Stray-Dog Contest Will Erupt in New York

Guy, apropos of nothing: You know, if I were ever in one of those contests where there’s a stray dog and two families and you have to figure out which family he loves the most, I would totally keep some Snausages in my pocket or something.
(long pause)
Chick he’s with: You are a strange little man. A strange little man.

–Uptown Q Train

Overheard by: Ladle