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Which Expains Anglina Jolie

Man #1, in chaise lounge: Men and women have totally different criteria for attractiveness.
Man #2, also in chaise lounge: How so?
Man #1: A guy can look like a fucking bullfrog in a Beatle wig, but if he’s charming and especially if he has money, women will be all over him.
Man #2: Yeah, especially if he has money.
Man #1: But let’s say a really hot chick walked past us right now in a thong, and another woman says to us, “watch out for her, she’s been in and out of mental institutions.“
Man #2: We’d still want to fuck her.
Man #1: Exactly.
Man #2: Point well taken.

–Douglaston, Queens

Overheard by: Big Larry

Professor: “Did You Bring Enough for the Whole Class?”

Professor to couple making out during lecture: Excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?
Guy: Oh sorry, one of our friends bet us 50 bucks we wouldn’t make out during a lecture.
Guy in front of him to his girlfriend: We have got to get in on that!

–Fordham University