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…But Only to See His Avocados.

Party girl #1 looking at camera: Whoa… When did this happen?
Party girl #2: Oh, this was awesome. Guacamole make-out sessions. He was all like “I just wanna kiss you with all kinds of sloppy dips between our lips.“
Party girl #1: So you did? And you got a picture?
Party girl #2: Hell yeah!
Party girl #1: You are so going home with him tonight, aren’t you?
Party girl #2: Hell yeah!

–Studio B, Banker St, Brooklyn

As Long As It Isn’t from AIDS, Sweetie

Mother: Do you need to buy some condoms?
Daughter: What? No, I am not talking about condoms with my mom. This will not happen. (mother drifts over to the condom shelf)
Daughter: No, no, no, no! What are you doing! Stop it! Stop it now! Oh god, you’re actually considering the brands! Why are you… this is murder! You’re killing me. You are actually killing me! I am going to die, and it will be all your fault!


Overheard by: Moms, man.