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Sev­er­al Al­ter­nate Re­al­i­ties In­ter­sect in New York

Old man with one front tooth, point­ing fin­gers an­gri­ly: Your man stole my cart!
Old woman with span­dex shorts: You sure it was Li’l Tin­ky?
Old man with one front tooth: Toots told me that Tin­ky was the one who took my cart.
Old woman with span­dex shorts: Nah, that sounds like Big Tin­ky. I’m with Li’l Tin­ky. He don’t do shit like that.

–1st Ave & E 3rd St

Over­heard by: EV4Life

In Case You Weren’t a Clas­sics Ma­jor

Black teenage girl #1: They’re al­ways fight­ing and every­thing! Bunch of sor­ry-ass boyfriends we got!
Black teenage girl #2: Like they all proud of their scars ‘n shit.
Black teenage girl #3: I think we ought­ta do the Ly­sis­tra­ta thing!
Black teenage girl #1: Say what?
Black teenage girl #3: (whis­pers some­thing to friend)
Black teenage girl #1: Oh, I could nev­er do that!

–Down­town 2 Train