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How Tourists Learn to Pretend to Be Deaf

Man: I’m sorry to disturb you, but was I mean to you in junior high school? You look just like her and I just want to apologize for anything mean I may have said to you.
Girl: I am not her.
Man: Wow, really? You look just like her and I want to say I’m sorry. So will you forgive me?
Girl: I am not her.
Man: But will you accept my apology?
Girl: I’m not her, um, but, um sure?
Man: You seem so hesitant, where are you from?
Girl: Arizona.
Man: Ahhh, Arizona! Did you come up with that outfit yourself.

–Barnes & Noble, Union Square

Overheard by: TheNewPaul


(homeless woman who smells like urine exits train).
Gay guy to rest of train: Okay, does anybody have something I can spritz over here to get rid of this lingering smell?
(everybody on the train looks at him like he’s crazy)
Sorority girl, smelling the urine: Oh my god. Is this smell from that woman?
Gay guy: Yeah.
Sorority girl: It’s okay, I have something to spray over here.
(digs into purse and takes out an oddly shaped bottle of perfume, sprays a few times, and sits down)
Gay guy: That’s a cool bottle.
Sorority girl: Thanks, it’s Britney.

–2 Train

The Polite Term Is “The Ladies’ Restroom”

Girl #1: Look at that painting. Is it called “hairy balls”?
Girl #2: It should be.
Girl #1: If it’s not called “hairy balls,” I’m leaving.
(girl #2 goes to look, comes back)
Girl #2: Something about a baby.
Girl #1: Okay, that’s it.
Girl #2: Look, there are thumbtacks near his balls. That has to suck.
Girl #1: Let’s go back to the vagina room.