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…My Lit­tle Ab­sur­dist.

Moth­er: We’re go­ing across the park! The park is wet!
Two-year-old daugh­ter: Where are we go­ing?
Moth­er: To the Guggen­heim mu­se­um. We’re go­ing to see art.
Two-year-old daugh­ter: Noooooo.
Moth­er: You’ll like it. Can you say “Kandin­sky”?
Two-year-old daugh­ter: Bounce bounce bounce!
Moth­er: Just look at the damn park.

–M86 Bus

The Bible Ex­plic­it­ly For­bids Hot Pup­pet Sex

Large, jol­ly la­dy ush­er #1, as dis­turbed-look­ing Mid­west­ern tourist-fam­i­ly walks by: I al­ways cringe when peo­ple bring their chil­dren. There should be signs telling them it’s in­ap­pro­pri­ate.
Large, jol­ly la­dy ush­er #2: Re­mem­ber the woman who kept telling us she was go­ing to pray for us? Girl, that made my day!

–45th St

Over­heard by: La­dle