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The Food Po­lice Are Every­where

Larg­er woman in el­e­va­tor eat­ing Snick­ers bar: No mat­ter what I do, I can’t lose no weight!
Less fat friend: Mm-hmm.
(el­e­va­tor goes one floor up and stops. Both go to get off)
Suit #1: Un­be­liev­able, no won­der you have weight is­sues.
Larg­er woman: What? ‘scuse me? What you know about me?
Suit: Oth­er than you are fat, can’t take the stairs for one floor, and are stuff­ing your face with a king size Snick­ers?
Less fat friend: Shit, he do know you.

–40th & 8th

Over­heard by: Sand­manEsq