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The Equal­ly Un­pleas­ant Male Equiv­a­lent Of a “Lit­tle Dick” In­sult

As­pir­ing street mu­si­cian: Hey, la­dy! Wan­na buy my CD?
La­dy: Nope! That shit’s rap and I on­ly like R&B!
As­pir­ing street mu­si­cian: Yeah, well, maybe you should­n’t be out­side with your pussy smelling like that!

–Out­side Ma­cy’s

Over­heard by: Nick Spiller

Plus I’m His Deal­er.

Teenage girl: Yeah, well… I’m *re­al­ly* close with the school prin­ci­pal.
Teenage friend, rais­ing eye­brow: Are you?
Teenaged girl: No. I mean re­al­ly close. Like, “spank me dad­dy” close!
(teenage friend ac­ci­den­tal­ly puts the lit end of a cig­a­rette in her mouth and starts scream­ing)

–59th St & 9th Ave

Over­heard by: tiny­foo