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At Least This One Didn’t Point a Finger in My Face and Say, “You’re Doomed! Doomed!!”

Lost Russian woman: Excuse me, does this stop at Pring Street?
Teenager: What? Oh, you mean “Spring Street.” Yeah. Just stay on the train.
(woman walks away)
Teenager to friend: What the fuck? That’s like the third one this week! Am I like an old Russian woman magnet or something?

–N Train

…And You’re in Big Trouble When I Get Home Later.

Conductor: Tickets, please.
Ghetto commuter woman: What’s taking so long?
Conductor: (no response)
Ghetto commuter women: Hello? Can you answer me?
Conductor: Can I just have your ticket?
Ghetto commuter woman: Hold on. Youse a rude-ass motherfucker.
Conductor: That’s it, get off my train.
Ghetto commuter woman: Youse still a rude-ass motherfucker!


Overheard by: hungover commuter