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The Bic Com­mer­cial That Was Too Edgy, Even for Eu­rope

Ba­by-voiced bag la­dy to pret­ty girl across from her: Ex­cuse me, miss, do you have a pen?
Girl: No. I’m sor­ry, I don’t.
Ba­by-voiced bag la­dy : A pen! A pen!
(pret­ty girl shakes head)
Ba­by-voiced bag la­dy : A pen­cil?
Girl: I’m sor­ry, no.
(ba­by-voiced bag la­dy pulls Bic pen crack pipe out of bag and lights it. Train car quick­ly emp­ties)

–C Train

Over­heard by: sarette

We Are Talk­ing About Your Vagi­na, Right?

Hip­ster guy: Have you ever been to the Hamp­tons?
Hip­ster girl: Yeah, I’ve been to the Hamp­tons. I was just there, ac­tu­al­ly.
Hip­ster guy, ex­treme­ly las­civ­i­ous­ly: Oh, I know you were!
Hip­ster girl, con­fused: Yeah. Did you, like, see me there?
Hip­ster guy, still las­civ­i­ous: Oh, no. I’ve nev­er been to the Hamp­tons.

–Co­lum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: judy­dark­ness