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…The Naked Ver­sion.

Moth­er to tween daugh­ter, smil­ing: So I heard you saw a porn film with Tina* and her moth­er?
Daugh­ter: Yeah, we went in­to Bruno and de­cid­ed to leave af­ter five min­uets.
Moth­er: What did you end up do­ing?
Daugh­ter: We saw Ice Age in­stead.


Over­heard by: Car­rie

…And I’m Him!

Hobo, leer­ing at big-boobed girl’s shirt: Did you know that Michael Jack­son owned the Bea­t­les mu­sic?
Rock­er chick: Yeah, he owned the cat­a­log.
Hobo: No, he owned the mu­sic! I’m say­ing he owned the mu­sic!

–57th St & 1st Ave

Over­heard by: Just try­ing to buy a cup­cake…