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She’s Hoping He’ll Become Her Ventriloquist Dummy

Boy on cell on platform: So yeah, I’ll be there soon…I’m at the… um… The um… The… what do you call it? I’m waiting for the umm, and I’m at the… (sighs) What do you call it?
Girl next to him, whispering loudly: Traaaaiiinnn statiiionnnnn!
Girl next to her, yelling: Platform, train station, waiting for a train!
(Boy walks away still on phone)

–Metro-North Rail

Overheard by: Gabriela

Like You Did About That Whole HIV Thing

Teen boy: No, I can’t hide a bottle there. She makes me do it with the door open. She’ll see.
Teen friend: She’s going to watch you pee?
Teen boy: No, I have my back to her, but she’ll notice a bottle. Maybe I can use a Visine bottle.
Teen friend: Just tell her that a positive result is good and negative is bad.

–B1 Bus

Let Us Pray

Orthodox Jewish man #1: We’re sending her to Westchester for her eating disorder.
Orthodox Jewish man #2: Is that like a fat farm? Maybe she’ll lose weight.

–Manhattan Beach Park

Overheard by: Vespertinas