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…In the True Spir­it Of East­er.

Teen skater #1: Dude, I want­ed to chill on East­er but my mom said I had to go to church.
Teen skater #2: You should’ve said “mom, fuck church!“
Teen skater #1: Dude, if I had said “fuck,” I would­n’t be alive. I would’ve been un­der the couch. My ma­ma would’ve stuffed me in a bag… Put some in­cense on that shit so it would­n’t smell.

–6 Train

Over­heard by: try­ing not to laugh

Fly­ing a Plane In­to Some­thing Is Al­ways the An­swer

Male of­fice drone #1: So what do you think of them build­ing a mosque by the World Trade Cen­ter?
Fe­male of­fice drone #1: I feel it’s dis­re­spect­ful. I have Mus­lim friends and I know they’re not all ter­ror­ists, but there’s mourn­ing fam­i­lies to think about.
Male of­fice drone #2: Why don’t we put a stat­ue of Hitler in Times Square? There might be some Ger­mans who would want to pray to him.
Fe­male of­fice drone #2: Let them put up a mosque there and then fly a plane in­to it. Show them how it feels. (oth­ers look shocked) Not a manned plane, you know. One of those drones.

–Dunkin’ Donuts, Low­er Broad­way

Over­heard by: Big Lar­ry