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Mocking Nerds: The Universal Language.

Engineer on PA: Check the back door, check the back door, we’ve got a red light.
Conductor, in very geeky voice: Okay… Okay, everybody. Whoever you are. Who… Uh… Uh… Manually tries to… Uh… Open the train doors… Uh… You’ll… You’ll… You’ll be locked up… I’m tellin’ ya…! You’ll be locked up!
(entire train howls with laughter)

–Train Arriving at Penn Station

Overheard by: Margaret

Skimming, Actually

Middle aged man #1: I smoke a joint every once in a while with him.
Middle aged man #2: Well, it’s good for you – it stops cancer. You know, the whole medicinal marijuana thing I’ve been reading about in the paper…

–Broadway & 84th St

How Does Anyone Make It Out Of Their 20’s Alive?

Girl #1: Do you have any Vicodin?
Girl #2: Yes, but I am not sharing with you, because you would not give me any Valium when I asked.
Girl #1: Okay, here are the Vals, now give me the Vicodin.
Girl #2: Hey, don’t take them with wine. Check the warning “alcohol may increase the effect.”
Girl #1: Oh, I thought that was a serving suggestion.

–Iggy Pop Lecture, Times Center