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When I Drink, I Seem to Be a Verb

20-some­thing boy: I got­ta head out to the j train.
20-some­thing drunk girl: There’s no such fuck­ing thing as the j train!
(20-some­thing boy stares blankly and points to sign for the j train)
20-some­thing drunk girl: You’re so… Ugh­h­hh!
20-some­thing boy: That’s not even an ad­jec­tive.
20-some­thing drunk girl: It does­n’t have to be an ad­jec­tive!

–Broad­way Junc­tion

Fren­e­my: De­fined

Cute girl: Let’s go some­where tonight where we can dance.
Pret­ti­er friend: How ’bout a gay club?
Cute girl: Ugh, no! You al­ways want to go to gay clubs! I want to meet cute straight guys. You have a boyfriend but I have to go places where I can meet guys who are ac­tu­al­ly in­ter­est­ed in me. So can we please just once go to a straight club? I’d like to not be in­vis­i­ble.
Pret­ti­er friend: Yeah, ex­cept when you stand next to me you’ll be in­vis­i­ble any­way.

–Cafe­te­ria, Chelsea

Over­heard by: Aghast

…Wait– What?

Bike mes­sen­ger #1: But we should­n’t write songs about New York bike mes­sen­gers.
Bike mes­sen­ger #2: Yeah, yeah, I get ya.
Bike mes­sen­ger #1: We’re not go­ing to get any­where with an au­di­ence of New York bike mes­sen­gers.
Bike mes­sen­ger #2: Yeah, yeah, I to­tal­ly un­der­stand.
Bike mes­sen­ger #1: We should write songs about fuck­ing peo­ple… Peo­ple who… Peo­ple who aren’t fuck­ing pay­ing at­ten­tion to what’s go­ing on around them.
Bike mes­sen­ger #2: Yeah, yeah, I to­tal­ly get that.

–Stat­en Is­land Fer­ry