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Some Coun­tries Blame the Juice for Every­thing

Tall, gay, black guy: Girl, I learned a lot watch­ing that movie. There’s a lot of sex­ism in Swe­den.
White fe­male friend: Who knew? You’d think they’d be more ad­vanced.
Tall, gay, black guy: And ap­par­ent­ly, they have a lot of an­ti-se­menism too.

–Film Fo­rum

Over­heard by: Pe­ter K.

How Is Or­der­ing at Star­bucks Like Fin­ish­ing the Spe­cial Forces Ob­sta­cle Course, Alex?

Cus­tomer: I’d like a ven­ti pas­sion tea lemon­ade please.
Barista: Sor­ry, we’re out of ven­ti cups.
Cus­tomer: Okay, can you just put it in two tall cups then?
Barista: Sure, no prob­lem.
Barista, af­ter ring­ing up cus­tomer: That’s $5.98.
Cus­tomer: Um, a ven­ti lemon­ade is $3.55.
Barista: Yes, but you or­dered two tall lemon­ades.

–Star­bucks, Queens